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That's right.... Toast IS Art!

    Bread it is the giver of life the saver of worlds and it can come neatly sliced at any retail food chain of your choosing... I decided it was art as well.

    I love TOAST, easily said. I am a bit of a weird creature with thoughts that churn in my head resembling every Saturday morning cartoon I ever watched playing out hour by hour. Character development has been a focus of mine, however over the years none so important to me as Toastie. If I could give birth to toast I would... and it would be Toastie. Not to say that the other characters are not bad either with names like Sextapussy and Our Hero. With a mixture of the unusual and childhood remembrances, I craft my characters into something anybody can relate to.


  I was born and raised in Hendersonville TN, but currently reside in Murfreesboro TN with my boyfriend who is a freelance photographer and graphic designer, and his cat. 

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